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Moyosa Spaces was born out of necessity for brands to showcase their products and services in a time where physical proximity and face to face, physical interaction was abruptly put on hold for more than a year. 

The concept allows brands to offer this experience in a cost effective, scalable, interactive and innovative way, whilst preserving a high-quality visual standard and reaching as wide an audience as any 3D technology can reach.



We utilize the browser's enormous reach to show beautiful digital spaces to a large audience.



Utilizing a combination of Unreal Engine and other visual creative software, we strive to build experiences that will blow you away.



We use overlay screens to build interaction into our spaces, ranging from text and audio, to 360 imagery, video and 3D models.



Using modular designs, we are able to develop and deploy our galleries in record time, at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.​



Browser accesible

  • Fully accessible via most mobile & desktop web browsers

  • Responsive; 1 build fits all devices​

  • Intuitive navigation via clickable floorspots

National Gallery


  • Use of Unreal Engine to create beautiful, realistic visuals

  • Fully optimized UX & UI design

  • Use of high-resolution visuals to create a beautiful, realistic experience

  • Huge library of wall & floor designs


  • Modular setup

  • Flexible dimensions (LxWxH)​

  • Easily embeddable on company & partner domains

  • Comes with 1 year hosting & SLA

Bijl van Urk
Future Dreams


  • Utilize wallposters, virtual LED screens, worldspace or screenspace information panels to communicate brand information & stories through:

    • written text

    • audio files for voiceovers

    • images

    • videos

    • 360 imageviewer

    • 3D modelviewer incl AR

    • hologram videos



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